Arthouse Entertainment has become a driving force in music publishing, and Stephen Finfer sees no reason for that not to continue.

As a small, boutique publishing company, Stephen Finfer says that his company’s songwriters and producers do not have to hit a homerun with each song.

The success of Arthouse Entertainment as one of the top ten publishing companies in the world is due in part to Stephen Finfer’s decision to keep the company small and focused.

Stephen Finfer has been responsible for securing growth capital through creative financing arrangements and the sale of a portion of the music catalog.

Stephen Finfer uses the connections

Posted by Admin | June 11th, 2013

Stephen Finfer uses the connections he has made in the music industry to help his artists and writers use their talents to their fullest and become successful.

Stephen Finfer has led Arthouse Entertainment as co-owner from its inception. Focusing most of his efforts on discovering new talent, ideas, and business, Finfer has guided Arthouse Entertainment through two ventures that helped expand its worldwide business.

In 2008, Finfer obtained an infusion of capital into his publishing company by selling a minority interest to Bug Music. The relationship between Arthouse Entertainment and Bug worked perfectly and allowed Arthouse to exist independently from Bug while benefiting from Bug’s business model, experience, and pool of artists and creative talent.

When the business relationship with Bug Music ended, Stephen Finfer negotiated the sale of part of its music catalog to another music publisher. The additional growth capital allows Arthouse Entertainment to maintain its independence as a small, boutique publishing company that can allow its songwriters and creative talent to experiment with new concepts and ideas.

Finfer says that limiting the size of the company has allowed it to focus on developing each of its artists, songwriters and producers. One of the keys to that development is connecting its artists and talent with other music-industry professionals who can help them.

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